Ferguson, Santoro and Georgetti Educational Consultants (“FS and G Consultants”) Mission is to provide a multi-faceted approach in supporting our client’s business with a team of professional educators. With a “Students Come First” attitude, we guide and assist our clients in developing an educational environment we believe will enable the students to find professional opportunities in their chosen fields of study. We also assist our client’s administration and faculty in working with their students to develop moral and specific practical educational skills. We will also work with our clients to create theoretical applications addressed in the client’s educational programming and subsequently reinforced by interaction and support with F, S and G Consultants.

In support of FS and G Consultant’s purpose for being, its goals and objectives are to:

FS and G Consultants shall diligently work to fulfill the stated purposes and goals of the business by consulting and servicing their client’s needs. FS and G Consultants are committed to assessing the client’s needs and any other issues the client believes may require assistance or guidance.

University Students