Curriculum Development Services

Organizations in education, teaching, and training need a curriculum to be developed for training and expanding their offerings. It is important to find the right expertise to develop educational content, as it demands skilled professionals who stay abreast with all the new developments in the industry. At Ferguson, Santoro and Georgetti Educational Consultants, our team has developed state-licensed and U.S. based accrediting agency approved programs in various states and countries that have produced successful results with positive student outcomes.

Our organization offers professional services of curriculum development for clients in both the brick and mortar, in-person and online delivery platforms while allowing faculty members the academic freedom they deserve. Our experts will understand specific requirements of clients and their regulatory agencies they are approved by or applying with and will create precisely catered curriculum depending on the requirements of those agencies. We have university professors, subject matter experts, writers, and instructional designers who hold degrees in their respective fields and our services allow your organization to access their talents at extremely affordable costs much lower than many competitors offer today.

Academic Disciplines We Cater To

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced curriculum developers and subject matter experts from different academic disciplines. This helps us in providing curriculum preparation services to businesses across a wide variety of disciplines including, but not limited to the following:

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