Michael Santoro, Postsecondary Educational Consultant
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Chris Georgetti is a Postsecondary Educational Consultant with comprehensive experience in all areas of campus management including acquisitions, startups, relocation and in-depth knowledge of the management of schools/colleges both inside of the campuses and at the corporate levels. He has been affiliated with the For-Profit Postsecondary Education arena since 1998 and served in a variety of roles.

He has worked in a variety of roles over the last 17 years which detail his acumen for understanding the sector and working with leaders both inside and outside of the daily campus operations. His most recent role as the Senior Vice President of Operations for the EduK Group served the Florida and Puerto Rico markets that managed 39 main campuses and branch locations. They are the largest provider of postsecondary education for the Hispanic community with over 23,000 students and annual revenues of $145 Million. His areas of expertise are widespread throughout campus operations and corporate management. He has held roles including Professor, Academic Dean, Admissions Director, Vice President of Operations and President, making him a wealth of information that serves both for-profit and not-for-profit schools.

Sam Ferguson, Postsecondary Educational Consultant
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Sam Ferguson has devoted the majority of his professional life to the field of adult education. Mr. Ferguson joined the Florida State Department of Education in 1979 and worked in Vocational Education Special Programs where he was involved in the review and subsequent approval of programs for Veteran's Training. In 1984, he was appointed to the State Board of Vocational, Technical, Trade and Business Schools, the early predecessor to the current Commission for Independent Education (“CIE”).

Shortly thereafter Mr. Ferguson was appointed the Executive Director of the State Board of Independent Postsecondary Vocational, Technical, Trade and Business Schools. While serving as Executive Director, Mr. Ferguson directed the rewriting of that portion of the Florida Education Code that dealt with private vocational education. The new Code, section 1503, has served as a model for governance of private vocational education and has been adopted as a working framework in several states other than Florida.

Mr. Ferguson was instrumental in the passage of the first state student financial aid program expressly directed to students attending private, postsecondary vocational education institutions. While Executive Director, Mr. Ferguson was recognized as an authority in the governance of private vocational education. He has testified on numerous occasions before such bodies as the Florida Legislature and the Congress of the United States. In 2000, Mr. Ferguson participated in a systematic evaluation of the operations of two Boards, the State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities and the State Board of Nonpublic Career Education. This evaluation resulted in new legislation that merged the two Boards into one Commission for Independent Education and Mr. Ferguson was appointed the Executive Director for the new Commission and in that role, he reorganized the staffs and functions of the two Boards so that the one Commission could operate efficiently and in the best interest of the citizens of the State of Florida.

Mr. Ferguson's leadership in the field of Private Postsecondary Education has been characterized by a desire to foster innovation and creativity in educational institutions while, at the same time, ensuring that graduates possess skills that are relevant to today's and tomorrow's economy.

Shortly after entering the University of Tennessee, Mr. Ferguson put his academic career on hold and answered the call to serve his country in the United States Army. He was a member of the 7th Infantry Division in Korea in 1968 and the 4th Infantry Division in Vietnam in 1969. Mr. Ferguson is a distinguished military veteran having been awarded the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, two Purple Hearts, the Vietnam Cross for Gallantry and the Combat Infantry Badge with Commendations. Mr. Ferguson holds the rank of Colonel and is the Deputy MACOM Commander of the 32nd Anti-Aircraft Missile Defense Command for the Florida National Guard.

Following his discharge in 1970, he enrolled at the University of North Carolina where he graduated with honors with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science. He attended graduate school at Florida State University and earned his Master's Degree in Public Administration and subsequently enrolled in the Ph.D. program also at Florida State.

Mr. Ferguson is actively involved in numerous state, local and private organizations and serves as a Board member for the National Association of State Administrators and Supervisors of Private Schools, and the Advisory Council for Military Education and now begins a new journey as the Chief Operations Officer of Santoro and Georgetti Postsecondary Educational Consultants to continue his passion of working with and promoting adult education.

Michael La Plante, Chief Technology Officer
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Michael La Plante- CTO

Mr. Michael LaPlante’s storied history has included a wide array of technology projects for large corporations including, but not limited, to Google, Facebook, and Apple to name a few of the higher profile companies. He currently is a Front-End Development Manager for Proforma, based in Tampa, Florida where he works on next generation software for the print and promotional industries that Proforma’s platform is involved in. In this role, he is responsible for directly managing a team of 30 and often must make quick and swift business decisions to drive growth and to work directly with his company’s CEO and CTO to drive new business. In addition to his role with Proforma, Michael also runs his own design and development company, LaPlante Web Development, which focuses on providing quality solutions for his clients ranging from local business owners to Fortune 500 companies with some examples being Shell and Under Armour that have been past clients of Michael’s company.

Michael currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer (“CTO”) for Santoro and Georgetti Postsecondary Educational Consultants (“S&G”) and provides S&G with the ability to offer a full range of consulting services that include Operational Guidance, Regional and National Accreditation and State Licensing applications and responses, Accreditor and State Licensing review and preparatory visits, along with Due Diligence reviews that involve all areas of focus within a company that include IT review and reporting standards. His leadership has provided a large number of S&G clients with more efficient practices in IT management and student learning portals in both an online and brick and mortar capacity.

He actively serves on Keiser University’s advisory board and Full Sail University’s Program Advisory Committee, along with being involved in many entrepreneurial activities around the Tampa, Florida area. He has received a certificate of Technology with a focus in entrepreneurship from Stanford University in 2013. Outside of his many credentials, Michael continues to offer motivational and conference speaking engagements that are mostly focused on topics that cover the technology, finance and personal coaching industries.

The value that Michael adds to the S&G executive team is tremendous and the S&G client base continues to benefit from his years of experience in the professional and educational sectors he has been involved with. He presents solutions for improvement and efficiencies across a breadth of the institutions S&G has partnered with on small and large scale initiatives and will continue to do for years to come.

Michael Santoro, Postsecondary Educational Consultant
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Ms. Maswadeh has become an expert in the For-Profit Postsecondary education field and has a background in both “brick and mortar” and distance education. In her history, she has been responsible for the development of multiple online programs, developed and implemented systems and processes to establish and maintain records for operating units, planned and conducted numerous Webinar training and information sessions in many areas of the education sector along with gaining experience with multiple international universities.

She assists companies with developing online solutions and program implementations that will incorporate innovative technology while creating quality educational models for the programs of your choice. Reham has successfully facilitated international and cross-national collaborations and worked with international clients to improve metrics in many different areas. Reham is also able to create or review your current curriculum and perform an academic credit analysis to ensure compliance and acceptance from the various regulatory agencies. Reham will also analyze classroom schedules to maximize student-teacher ratios that provide appropriate academic coverage for your student body and maximum proficiency in cost savings related to excess faculty salaries.

Michael Santoro, Postsecondary Educational Consultant
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Michael Santoro is a Postsecondary Educational Consultant with extensive experience in regulatory compliance and accreditation, campus startups and school/college operational and educational management. He has been affiliated with the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges & Schools (ACICS) in Washington, DC, since 1991 serving as an Accreditation Chair and Team Member, Board of Directors, Commissioner, Review Board and was honored by ACICS as an “Evaluator of The Year.”

He served as National Director of Compliance and National Director of Quality Control at Career Education Corporation (CEC) in Schaumburg, IL which, at its zenith, boasted more than 90 campuses, an enrollment of over 100,000 students and annual revenues of over $2 Billion. He was honored in 2003 with their most prestigous award bestowed annually, the CEC Chairman’s Trophy, recognizing him as the Outstanding Employee among 48,000+ employees. He was the first-ever recipient of the CEC Jim McElhiney Award for Excellence in Compliance in 2005. His area of expertise serves both for-profit and not-for-profit schools.